• committee

  • Taylor Battistella


    Assumed role - 2017

    Taylor Battistella started the club in 2017. In his role of President, he looks to grow the club's influence not only in Melbourne but also over the world. Other than AC Milan, one of Taylor's passions is rowing, where he also works as a rowing coach. In 2019/20, Taylor lived in Milan, and was a season ticket-holder.

  • Luke Brusco

    Vice-President / Treasurer

    Assumed role - 2019

    Luke joined the club in late 2018 and was quick to join the committee after attending a few events. He is our current Vice-President and is based in Melbourne. Outside of his love for Milan, Luke is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Laws at university and is a keen cyclist and rower. He looks forward to seeing you at our next event!

  • Stephanie Pruna


    Assumed role - 2023

    Stephanie was Introduced to the world of AC Milan by her husband and has grown to adore the team and even become a club member. As an IT developer, she is passionate about technology. Her journey with AC Milan began at San Siro, where she eagerly learned her first Italian word while watching the team in action.

  • Loris Porcheri

    Membership Manager

    Assumed role - 2022

    Loris joined the club in 2022. Born in Milan, with red and black in his blood he was later Vice-president of Milan Club Toscana in the '80's and '90's where he followed the team across Europe and later the world! Loris frequently travels to Italy and continues to follow the team since he moved to Melbourne in 2000.

  • Reyner Jovian Karnali

    Events Manager

    Assumed role - 2020

    Reyner has been a Milan fan since the early 90's. Paolo Maldini has been his idol from a young age. Originally from Indonesia, he moved to the Netherlands at 17 years of age, before moving to Melbourne in 2009. In 2018 he attended a game at San Siro for the first time. Outside the club, Reyner works in the Technology / Digital space as an IT Business specialist and has 2 young daughters.

  • Loris Marazan

    Merchandise Manager

    Assumed role - 2018

    Loris Maranzan joined the club as the Merchandise Manager in 2018. He is from the Veneto region of Italy, and has also lived in Canada. Loris frequently travels to Italy, and makes sure to go to a Milan game while there. He has developed our club's ties with Radio Rossonera, and in his spare time enjoys playing golf.

  • Andrew Greig

    Media Manager

    Assumed role - 2023

    Andrew has been a Milan fan since a young age. He has been able to see Milan on three occasions, the first in 2018 at Sassuolo to in 2023 Milan vs Inter in the Champions league Semi Final. Besides waking up early for games he is currently a full time student and a passionate Collingwood supporter.

  • Stefano Pruna

    General Committee

    Assumed role - 2023

    Stefano is a dedicated AC Milan enthusiast, unwavering in his commitment to watching every match, whether with fellow fans (preferably) or on his own. Alongside his passion for football, he is on the cusp of completing the Bachelor of IT Focus on Game Programming degree, blending his love for sports with a promising career in technology.

Media Sub Committee

  • Media Sub Committee

  • Daniel Pagnoccolo

    Moscow, Russia

    Joined sub-committee - 2019

    Grew up and raised in Melbourne and now living in Moscow. AC Milan has been part of Daniel's life since he was young and continues to be his great passion and pride.

  • Daniel Fornarino

    London, UK

    Joined sub-committee - 2021

    Daniel is a diehard AC Milan supporter and football tragic. Living in London now, he cannot wait to see more of our beloved AC Milan live!

  • Gianluca Cammarata

    Melbourne, Australia

    Joined sub-committee - 2023

    Gianluca has been a Milanista since he was 9 years old. Having patiently endured the darkness of 2013-2021, our pending success now "is all the more sweet".

  • Randall Simmons

    Melbourne, Australia

    Joined sub-committee - 2023

    Randall has been a one-eyed Milanista for as long as he remembers. Milan is everything to him, from making sure he wore the Milan Club logo on his wedding suit to naming his son after Oliver Bierhoff.

  • Justin Graham

    Tasmania, Australia

    Joined sub-committee - 2023

    Justin has been a Milan supporter since stumbling across the 2005 champions league final on SBS one morning before school. That loss didn’t impact his support as he continued to support and learn more about the team that would mean so much to him. After a cancelled trip in 2021, Justin finally made it over to Italy for the first time to see Milan play in 2023. Besides supporting Milan, Justin lives in Tasmania and works as a Health & Physical Education Teacher.

  • Christian Steri

    Shepparton, Victoria

    Joined sub-committee - 2023

    I’ve been a fan of Milan since I can remember, was lucky enough to be born in Italy and witness the golden era! Per sempre rossonero!